Get The Right Treatment

The use of holistic treatment for drug addiction can help anyone who is ready for recovery.

A Complete Approach to Drug Addiction Recovery

There is much more to addiction than just the physical desire to take a drug. People often experience a physical, mental and emotional pull to begin using again. When undergoing holistic addiction treatment, the recovering addict learns how to address all their emotions and physical cravings that could lead them back into a life of addiction.

How it Helps

Holistic treatments work by helping people to listen to the needs of their bodies and their minds. They learn techniques like meditation, breathing and yoga to reduce their stress and increase their patience. Holistic methods like acupuncture or chiropractic care help to alleviate pain and reduce some cravings. Exercise and a healthy diet improve overall health and strength so people feel capable of staying in control of their lives.

Who it Benefits

The use of holistic treatment for drug addiction can help anyone who is ready for recovery. Alcoholics, prescription drug abusers and anyone else that needs help in cleaning up their lives and healing their bodies can benefit from this method. In addition, the skills learned during the process are useful throughout life and when dealing with any type of stressful situation or health crisis.

Holistic care does not mean that the facility abandons traditional methods of treatment like counseling and detox. Medically supervised detox programs and counseling services also stay a part of the programs. All the care is provided by trained, licensed experts in their fields in a safe, loving and supportive environment.

Where to Go

People that want to use holistic treatments during their recovery have many options. Over half of all drug rehab programs in the United States now incorporate some type of holistic service. Many of these programs include meditation, nutrition counseling or exercise. Yoga, acupuncture and massage have also become common in treatment centers. The most effective programs for many people are those that focus on this method because their entire treatment revolves around how to incorporate the body, mind, and soul into the process.

Addiction takes over the whole person, so recovery must address everything to give people the ability to fight back. Holistic care is not a risky method of alternative, fringe treatments. It includes medically-required support along with emotional, physical and spiritual guidance tailored to the need of each individual. Currently, no clinic or program can boast a 100 percent success rate at beating addiction, but the programs that use holistic methods do have better rates than most other forms of addiction treatment. It is a safe option that should be tried by anyone who truly wants to break free from their addiction.